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About Us

Who Are We?

The Anevay (uh-nee-vay) Dance Program is specially designed to provide all interests ages 3 and up with the ability to not only learn but master the art, meaning and skill of dance while instilling discipline to help build the human mental, social and physical psyche to create new and beautiful dancers. However, due to the program just beginning, we've decided to integrate a dance team to be known as the "Anevay Cadenzas" (superior rhythms). The starting age for the team, due to the intensity of the routines, is 7 years old. Members will be no older than 21. The dance team will consists of 55 members. The step team will consists of 24 members. The team as a whole is considered a travel team. Only 35 of the 55 dancers will be chosen to be members of the competition team. Anevay Cadenzas will be performing everywhere whether it's a fundraiser, promotional event, opening act for a show, competitions, etc...they will always achieve the goal to exceed all expectations...positively and beneficially. Note: Interests ages 3-6 have been recently chosen for the team based on their progress with Anevay. So please don't hesitate to contact us in regards of team auditions  if your child is under the age of 7.

How will the dancers be chosen?

All dance choreography and auditions will be structured by age so the dance staff can carefully observe each student in order to place him /her on the correct level for the team. However, students within the age group of 4-7 will not audition but they will have a interview whereas only the director, assistant coaches, team captain and team co-captain are permitted. We will choose using other categorical judgment such as character and confidence. They will take classes to condition them to be on the level required for performance. In addition, all prospects/students must have successful grades. Elementary and junior high students are required to have A's, B's and no more than one C (required to be raised to a higher grade within the timeframe staff agrees upon). High school and college students are required to have no lower than a 2.5 GPA. All students showing a struggle for any particular class will receive free tutoring from Anevay's tutoring staff. However, there's a probation period that will be assigned if the student drops his/her grade. In other words, the student will no longer participate in the dance class until the grade is brought back up. He/she will continue to come to practice but will only tutor during that timeframe. It's a mandatory practice. Anevay Dance truly believes in positive, strong and successful education. The staff is here to help raise the students on all levels of life with the discipline of dance. We will never give up on our students  nor turn our back on them....NEVER! Note: The educational requirements are the same for those students not on the team also. This doesn't apply to students ages 3-6 years old due to them being the exception for the team. However, 6-year old non-team students must meet the educational qualifications.

What training will the dancers have in order to be ready for the performances?

 Despite their level, all team members will have the knowledge and strength necessary in all dance genres such as, but not limited to tap, hip hop, jazz, modern, liturgical, ballroom, etc. They will also have the focus on being physically fit and healthy. All groups will be constructed to expose the students to creative, extreme and fun dance/step choreography which will require for high levels of energy and rhythm (of course!). They will be taught to show that dance isn't just moving to a beat...but being superior with your rhythm, style, dance language, dance knowledge and character. In each class, the students will be introduced to stretch exercises, floor exercises and dance/step routines designed to strengthen their dance abilities. The stretch and floor exercises are done to help build the students muscle frame to be able to tolerate the instructed routine. Therefore, injury prevention is definitely implemented within the program training. All staff members have been completely First Aid/CPR certified and trained to teach the exercises in a safe manner.

When are the classes?

The dance classes are in session each week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) in Wilmington, NC at the Hannah S. Block Community Arts Center unless otherwise noted. All classes start no earlier than 6:00 p.m. (refer to calendar) In addition, the staff teaches education classes such as "The Dance Character" which focuses on theatre exercises to help build the emotional level needed to perform flawlessly. The education classes are mandatory and will take place no less than four times per year. Lastly, the dance team members will have a meeting/workshop training at the end of each monthly practice beginning October 2015.

Does Anevay Dance Program offer classes for prospects not on the team?

Yes. Of course we do! Anevay's main purpose is to expand to the community. Forming a dance team is just a part of priority. You will have to contact the director in regards of registering for a class. Paperwork must be completed upon registration in order for your child to appear on our student roster. However, if there aren't 3 registered students or more for the class 30 days prior to start date, the class will not be set up nor offered for that part of the year.

What classes does the Anevay Dance Program offer?

We offer the following classes but not limited to: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical/Modern, Liturgical, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Acrobatics/Tumbling, Pop-lock (specialty), Latin dancing (e.g. salsa, ballroom), etc. We also choreograph for individuals or groups desiring routines to perform for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, talent shows, recital openings and so many more! Please keep in mind that our classes are based on ages and levels (e.g. beginner).

How much do classes cost?

Please inquire within for pricing. We have packages as well that will help save money and provide you with many more classes. For ease at mind, we're very affordable! The best part about us is that there's NO CATCHES! NONE! If you're a participant within the WIC/SNAP program, your child/children are still eligible at one of our discounted rates. We have many discount package rates. Please call. We want to reach and teach everyone who is willing to learn. Every child deserves to learn about the beauty of the art of dance. Anevay Dance is an experience that everyone will remember.

Can an Anevay Dance Program instructor perform for outside shows or parties?

Our instructors will not perform for any shows or parties that have obscene events happening. However, we will definitely perform for weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays (some), talent shows, festivals, parades and recital openings. In addition, we will also attend children/teen birthday celebrations to perform and/or just pump up the crowd with teaching small dances (line dances or special requests). If interested, please email [email protected] with the subject line: Special Performance Request.

Does Anevay Dance Program offer online classes?

Anevay Dance offers live online classes on  To join as a student is FREE! The classes are offered at a very low rate. Check it out and you will see! The program offers single classes, private classes, group classes and packages.


How will the team be connected to the communities within the state of North Carolina?

Anevay Cadenzas will be very active within the communities of North Carolina. However, although North Carolina is their home, they will be exposed to out-of-state communities. We want our team members to see that dance is one part of us, but it's our home that helps make us a success. Therefore, we must give back. So the Cadenzas will definitely play a huge role in community service such as adopting a family for the holidays, visiting and helping at homeless shelters, teaching free classes throughout the year for the underprivileged youth and adults, volunteering for any events, etc.

What benefits will the Anevay Cadenzas receive throughout the year?

The dance education the students receive will be great and unforgotten. Selected students will be trained to participate in certain events such as auditions and dance battles as well as competitions. However, the team as a whole will learn dance genres such as ballroom for no additional cost! Most schools and even dance teams, require more and more money for any additional genres taught. Not here! All students, not just the team members, will receive the physical, mental, emotional and social knowledge of dance through being with one another, performing, workshops and trainings. In completion of the program/team year, each student will receive a certificate and/or trophy, performance with class in our annual dance recital show and a group dance class photo with two individual photos. Depending on how many committed students we have online or in-person, a end of the year video shoot will possibly take place.

Why and how should you support the Anevay Dance Program/Team?

 Keep in will help Anevay succeed by joining our family of students and/or staff...or just making a nice donation to the program so we can provide our students with the best of all we may endure. If you have any trouble making a donation on this website, you're more than welcome to make one in-person or via mail. We accept cash, checks and money orders. Credit cards are only being accepted online. Please contact staff to register for the audition which is where you can receive all additional information including financial. This program will guarantee the team/students/parents their monies worth and more. Anevay dancers/steppers will always and only dance above & beyond.



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*Justin Gladden (photography)

* Amir & Ashanti Muhammad (students)

* Star & Sania Greene

* Landon & Leila (students)

*Thalian Association Hannah S. Block CAC

*Seth Stern, Jr. (student)

* Quante' Thomas (student)

* Parrish Edmonds, Jr. (student)

* Alexis Satterwhite (ANEVAY FAN)

*Justin & Tamar Gladden

(students for wedding choreography)

* Sheku Kef-Kamara

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* Girl Scouts of America Riverbirch Branch (South Carolina)

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*Gail Coleman

and all of my future students....:)


"I watched Charita work with young dancers for 2years. I've never experienced a dancer more caring and passionate about the art form. She's the type of dance instructor and mentor who inspires me to be creative in my own art!"

 -Maurice Carroll, Owner of Stinkiface Music & Former UCT Co-Worker

“I was a student of Ms. Charita’s for two years. Ms. Charita is an awesome dancer and instructor. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!”

-Janaya Stanley, Former Student & Licensed Graduate Social Worker

Empowering the world one person at a time!

“My husband and I were married on September 20, 2009 and prior to this time, we had never had any dance instruction.  We knew what songs we wanted to dance to, but we wanted someone professional to teach us just how to dance for our wedding day.  Charita was the only person we called because she is both talented and professional.  On top of that, she had the patience to deal with our rather slow learning process. It was just four weeks until our wedding and Charita took us from the basics and brought us to a full-blown dance routine.  She made it easy for us to learn and remember our steps but never sacrificed on the quality and style of the dance.  Her clear instruction helped us to not only learn how to dance, but also helped us understand how to think on the dance floor.  My husband wowed our guests and his mother during their dance, and I was able to keep up with my father when it was our turn. Justin and I had such a fun time learning to dance for the wedding.  At the reception, all of the guests thought we were pros from the start.  We are very grateful to Charita for her help and would recommend that anyone looking for a great dance instructor should see her.”

Tamar and Justin Gladden