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Anevay Staff

Seth Stern, Jr. is a native of West Baltimore, MD. He's currently attending Heritage High on Lake Clifton Campus in Baltimore. He's a senior and ready to accomplish more than expected this year. Despite all of the negative influences that surrounds him, Seth always reaches for success...positively. Therefore, to keep him distracted from such influences, he enrolled into a wonderful after-school program, Unchained Talent, that truly focuses on the arts (dance, theatre, music). He has been interested in the arts since he was a child. Dancing and singing are his favorites. However, his dancing ability is amazing, fun and very smooth. He's a self-taught dancer but you'd never know it. His dance specialties are hip hop and club dancing. Mr. Seth realizes that choreography was of interest to him. This is when he met the founder of Anevay/dance mentor for Unchained Talent (2011-2012). Ms. Charita didn't only teach him about choreography but leadership. Mr. Seth is more than capable to hold things down! He's smart, funny, understanding and definitely a people person. His presence is always pleasant no matter where he is. He brings the joy & laughter necessary as well as professionalism. These qualities has made Mr. Seth the perfect office manager. So when you meet him, be ready to smile, laugh and fall in love with the Anevay atmosphere...thanks to Mr. Seth.

“The dance experience I had with Ms. Charita Muhammad has truly been a blessing for me. Ms. Charita provides wholesome, tasteful dancing of all disciplines in dance style. She instills confidence in each dancer to build self-confidence and determination with fun and structure. She has really made me as an individual a very confident person when it comes to dancing. I love dancing more thanks to Ms. Charita. Her dedicated technique brings the best in class, presentation and optimism lives in me long after the dance class is over. She the funniest and caring dance teacher I've ever met. She kept pushing me, and telling me that anything is possible and the word "Cant" should never be used.  Ms. Charita is a great dance teacher and an inspiration to be around, especially if you want to grow to be successful. I’m so glad God introduced me to a wonderful dance teacher who mastered all dance styles, and also is a great choreographer. I've never did tap before and thought it was going to be hard but she practiced a few times with me and I had it in less than a week. She is very accommodating, encouraging and helpful for all levels of dance.”

-Seth D. Stern, Jr., Former UCT Dance Program Student

Quante' Thomas is the Vice President of Marketing for Anevay. He was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. As he began to grow into a young man, he realized that he's an all-around artist. He never really thought much about dancing until he joined Unchained Talent. He decided at that moment that he wanted to expand in this part of his artistic side. Therefore, he's taken time out to self-teach hip hop movement. However, it was when he met Ms. Charita that he truly expanded the genres of dance. He was able to choreograph parts of a hip hop routine while learning tap, jazz and modern. This was a very important time in his life. He also discovered that he had leadership abilities that were absolutely impeccable. He could persuade anyone to do anything with good reason. This is what makes Mr. Quante' the man to do the job of recruiting others to join Anevay. He knows it's his time to lead...the time to achieve...the time to believe that he is ART!

Ms. Charita has been the greatest inspiration towards my dance experience. Dancing in her class I took on a leadership role by teaching part of a hip hop routine. I got to step out of my comfort zone of hip hop dance and try other dance styles like modern and tap. She helped me step out of the role of a student and into the role of a mentor. Once taking on this role of a mentor, I got to see things in a new perspective by teaching one of her classes on Thursdays. I can truly say that dancing with Ms. Charita has been a growing experience for me.

-Quante’ Thomas, Former UCT Dance Program Student